Java Distribution Functions

The Java Distribution Functions library provides a set of Java classes representing common statistical distributions.

The underlying computational code is a translation from the C code included with the R statistical computing package. The translation isn't entirely pretty (especially since some of the C code was originally translated from Fortran), but it seems to work.

Classes implement the PDF, CDF, and (usually) quantile and random variate generation for the following distributions:

beta hypergeometric normal
binomial logistic poisson
cauchy lognormal signrank
chisquare negative_binomial t
exponential noncentral_beta tukey
f noncentral_chisquare uniform
gamma noncentral_f weibull
geometric noncentral_t wilcox

The java code, compiled classes, and (rudimentary) javadoc documentation is available as a jar file from

You can also Browse the JavaDoc Documentation online.


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